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    • I quite agree Nilly. I can’t stand nosey prying people. Why are they so interested anyway. I had an ex-friend who was forever asking personal questions which i found where very tactless and insensitive. I got so stressed out with it all i decide to end the friendship even when i mentioned the fact i didn’t like her line of questioning she still kept on so i said goodbye and i feel much better without her intense personality.

  1. Omg you found it I thought that you lost it….. You know your nosey thing you do when you get up in everyone else’s business because you have no life of your own, yea… I thought you lost it thank god you didn’t that’s would have been tragic. -what I said to a guy in my class bc he is a nosey b¡+€h

  2. Here are a few that I came up with on my own: 1) If only you were more interested in knowing how to mind your own business. 2) It is more important to know boundaries than to know confidential matters. 3) It’s more important to know what to ask than to know everything about everyone.

  3. When somebody asks a personal question I simply say, “why do you ask?”.
    This puts them on the spot. Watch them fluster.

  4. I wish there was a course I can take to spontaneously react in situations like this… I always think of comebacks later after the conversation is over … N i kick myself for not being able to say anything to them… I’m too nice n polite for my own good

    • Nosey person: hey, what are you talking about

      Me: hey, what do you want to be when you grow up, because you better be a surgeon so you can stitch your nose back on, because it seems to be wondering into my business!!!!!

      I hope the comebacks not toooo long?

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