Clever replies when someone SHARES TOO MUCH INFORMATION

It can be a little shocking when someone you don’t know very well divulges too much personal information. I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in hearing about the gritty details of someone’s divorce or every problem their kid is having.

Some folks have their Facebook status confused with their diary, broadcasting their most personal thoughts. Not every thought or situation needs to be shared.

Often, the more you know about some folks the less you like them. When they share every political thought online, rant on about their personal views you see that they may not be who you thought they were.

A mom blogger was recently in the news because her daughter found out she had been sharing very personal stories about her since she was a baby on her mom blog. The daughter asked her mother respect her privacy, and to stop posting personal things about her online. The mom refused to respect her daughter’s wishes, probably because she had too much to gain from the situation and generated most of her income from her blog.


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When someone overshares you are under no obligation to reciprocate and share anything personal about yourself in return. Acknowledge the person’s feelings, with kindness if you can, and then shift the conversation in another direction.

Here are a few things you can say to someone who overshares, to let the person know you are not interested in hearing the intricate details of their life.

Top ten things to say to someone who overshares

1. Don’t share your problems with others. 20 % don’t care and 80% of the people are glad you have them.

2. Everything doesn’t need to be talked about.

3. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.

4. Thanks for over sharing the disgusting details of your medical procedures on Facebook

5. I’m sorry the concept of overshare eludes you!

6. OK, I didn’t need to know that.

7. Too much information! Some personal thoughts are best left unsaid.

8. Be careful who you share your information with. Only a few really care and the rest only listen because they want something to gossip about.

9. Staying low key will solve half your problems.

10. Life is much easier when you’re not complaining, worrying or stressing about drama.

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Definition of sharing too much information

Sharing too much information happens when folks disclose unnecessary or excessive details of their personal life or confidential information that shouldn’t be shared. The information may make others uncomfortable because it is not appropriate to the situation.

In a work situation, staff may share sensitive, confidential information that may be a breach of privacy. Sharing confidential information can lead to unintended consequences, including law suits.

Why do people share too much information?

People may share too much information for a variety of reasons, including:

1. Over-enthusiasm: Some folks feel passionate about certain topics and they share the juicy details, which aren’t always appropriate.

2. Seeking Connection: People may want to bond over sharing personal details and establish a deeper connection with someone they just met.

3. Emotional Expression: Some folks may use sharing as a means of emotional expression, to get validation or approval form others.

4. Lack of Social Awareness: Some folks may come from a different culture and miss social cues in a new place. They may not understand that it is not wise to share personal details in a work or social setting.

5. Desire for Authenticity: People folks value authenticity and transparency above all else, and may be more naturally frank and tell it like it is.

6. Overwhelmed Emotionally: During moments of intense emotions or stress, some people may not be their usual selves, and aren’t filter their conversations, which can leading to an overflow of personal details.

It’s important to recognize that the reasons for oversharing can be complex and varied, and understanding these motivations can help in navigating conversations with empathy and consideration.

Funny things to say when someone overshares too much personal information

James shared too much information with people he just met

James had a habit of sharing an abundance of personal details with individuals he had just met, often leaving them feeling overwhelmed by the sudden influx of information. His openness and willingness to divulge intimate aspects of his life were a reflection of his genuine and unguarded nature. His tendency sometimes caught others people off guard, making them uncertain of how to respond.

While James’ intentions were rooted in a desire for a deeper authentic connection, his approach occasionally led to awkward or uncomfortable situations as others grappled with processing the depth of his revelations.

Despite his well-meaning nature, James soon realized the importance of gauging the comfort levels of those around him and finding a balance between openness and discretion in his interactions.

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Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who shares too much personal information? Share them in the comments below.

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