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Clever replies when you are called a perfectionist

what to say if you are called a perfectionist

You know you’re a perfectionist if you have really high standards, unbeatable persistence and you are driven to make things happen. People complain about perfectionists because they set such high standards for themselves and other people to live up to.

Being a perfectionist is both a blessing and it can be a curse, Martha Stewart built an empire using her critical eye to turn something that looked ordinary into something extraordinary. Yet Martha drives a lot of her staff bonkers with her demanding ways.

You will find perfectionists are airline pilots, architects, copy editors, surgeons. Yikes, where would the world be without talented people who can pay attention to the details? Yeah, people like to complain about people who are obsessed about getting things just right, but nobody wants to hire a sloppy surgeon.

Next time someone is giving you a hard time because of your perfectionist tendencies, use one of the clever replies and make the person think twice before they criticize you again.

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As long as everything is EXACTLY the way I want it, I\'m totally flexible.
Maybe no one wants to work for a perfectionist, but if you\'re hiring a plumber to fix your toilet your sure want him to be one.
You say I\'m a perfectionist and my standards are too high. That\'s alright. I don\'t care what a slacker who can\'t do things right thinks.
I\'m not a perfectionist, can I show you the right way to do that.


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A perfectionist knows how to get the job done

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Steve Jobs was the world’s most popular perfectionist

Steve Jobs is a perfectionist
Photo by Matthew Yohe, Wikipedia Commons

Steve Jobs was driven by perfection to create the perfect product. He brought the world the technology we just can’t live without. Image making your commute without being able to listen to your favorite podcast.

Steve only accepted perfection from himself and his employees, anything less was unacceptable. While he may be remembered as the world’s greatest innovator, what we can also learn from Steve Jobs is how to take a perceived weakness and turn it into your greatest strength.

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  1. “Don’t come after me just ’cause I’m precise and like to make things better instead of settling for sloppy garbage.”

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