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I feel guilty for using a comeback

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So, it started when I was practicing my audition for an upcoming play during lunch, and some girls and their swarm of boys came to sit at a joined table where all my friends were. So, while I was singing, I saw my crush sit down near my and I had a huge voice crack. Then, one of the really bitchy girls said, “Ha, fail” and everyone that heard started laughing, my response was, “No one asked to hear about your Dad’s condom.” And everyone said “OH GET ROASTED!” But I saw her leave and I feel bad. Should I apologize or?

Anonymous, USA


First of all, you are very brave to be singing out loud in public getting ready for your audition. There are people in life who participate, and there are armchair quarterbacks, people who sit on the sidelines and judge others. It wasn’t very nice of her to make the fail comment, she did start it first with a snarky remark. I think you are both even now and should leave the situation alone. I wouldn’t bother apologizing unless it blows up into a bigger situation, the more attention you give something the bigger it becomes. So try not to think about it and move on, think about having a great audition

I think it was a great comeback and you are very quick on your feet.

Wishing you all good things.


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