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Top ten comebacks for someone with double standards

What to say to someone with double standards

Do you know someone who has double standards and demands that they are treated a certain way, yet they do the complete opposite?

A friend of mine had a teacher who started marking him down once she found out about his political beliefs. Before he revealed who he supported, he would have been given an A for an assignment, and then all of a sudden the teacher would only give him a B or A-. Other students would do way less work and get a higher mark on presentations. Lachlan was a very motivated student, so the experience was frustrating for him. It got so bad that people even started commenting on Instagram, “I can’t believe you got a B on that project.”

You have to pick your battles in life, and you don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to. You do have the right to say something and stand up for yourself if you are being treated unfairly.

Here are a few great comebacks you can use if you want to let the person know that you find their double standards unreasonable.

Top ten comebacks a person who has double standards

  1. Why is it acceptable for you to have double standards but not for me to point it out.
  2. Oh, you’re mad at me for doing that, but if you did it that would be OK.
  3. I never realized there’s one rule for you and a completely different one for me.
  4. So what you’re saying is you don’t like me treating you the way you treat me. How interesting.
  5. So you’re telling me that everyone has a right to their own opinion unless it’s different from yours?
  6. Don’t get mad when I pull a you on you.
  7. If you state your opinion it’s free speech, but if I state mine it’s hate and intolerance. Right…
  8. No, of course, I don’t think you are a total hypocrite for preaching about the same stuff you are guilty of doing…
  9. If I treated you the way you treat me you would hate me.
  10. I’m sorry, double standards don’t work for me.

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  1. This is a good one for double standard hypocrites:

    Silly me! I never realized that there is one rule for me and a completely different one for you.

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