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Great comebacks when someone tells you to calm down

Find out what to say when you are told to CALM DOWN. | www.ishouldhavesaid.net

Have you ever had an annoying friend or relative purposely get you all worked up and angry and then tell you to calm down? Yeah, they know how to push your buttons and deliberately irritate you, then they act all sweet and innocent like they have your best interests at heart.

Someone telling you to calm down is basically insinuating that you’re crazy for reacting in the way you did. Having someone order you about when you are pissed off makes the situation worse.

When your buttons have been pushed, and steam is hissing from your ears, use one of our clever comebacks to let them know their behavior is not OK.

If you have a better comeback, leave it in the comments below.

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Ever notice to people who told you to calm down are the one's who got you mad in the first place.
Do not summon my inner bitch. She doesn't play nice.
Telling an angry woman to calm down works about as well as baptizing a cat.
Don't make me angry and tell me to calm down. That's like stabbing someone and wondering why they're bleeding.
I'm Italian and I cannot calm down.


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  1. Say: When I’m calm I like to rant about the person that upset me. oh Wait! Surprise Surprise. Thats you. Take a hint!

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