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What to say when someone forces their religion on you

What to say when someone forces their religion on you

Have you ever had someone try to force their religion on you? They keep bringing religion up, not getting the hint that you’re not all interested. We are all entitled to our individual beliefs but it can be a little annoying when people don’t get the hint that you are not signing up to go to church with them.

When you think about it, expecting a person to change their whole belief system just because you want them to is extremely egotistical. Even thinking that the way that you live your life is the way everyone should live is a little out there.

The fanatics probably have good intentions when they try to convert you to their religion, and they truly believe it will enrich your life. After all, you have to be a pretty dedicated person to go door to door, giving up your free time trying to convince people to go to church.

People still need to know that it is not OK to push your beliefs onto others. Next time someone is trying to force you to go to church, use one of our clever comebacks to get your point across loud and clear.

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Clever replies when someone tries to convert you to their religion

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