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Comebacks if someone calls you jealous

Great replies when you are called JEALOUS

Whenever a woman criticizes another woman, people will turn around and say that she’s jealous.

Sure, sometimes we all get envious is someone has something that we don’t have like a beautiful smile or great clothing style but just because you give valid criticism doesn’t mean you are jealous of another.

There are some girls out there who actually do think that everyone is jealous of them. Talk about being conceited and big headed! Next time you are called jealous, use one of our great comebacks and shut the person up.

Tell us what you think is the snappiest comeback and vote below.

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Whoaaa. I know you have fantasies but keep them to yourself.
Do not talk when your mouth is full of lies.
Remember, a jealous woman does better research than the FBI.
You thinking that I am jealous is just another way that you exploit your insecurities.

I'm to busy with my own life to be jealous of you

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Some folks don't like competition


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What to say when you are accused of being JEALOUS

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with an a person who says that you are jealous? Share them in the comments below.


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14 Responses

  1. Hey i feel like im constantly being put down by my cousin, if i say i dont like something she was thinking of gwtting
    Or i said a girl wasnt as pretty as another 1 I get in a room full of people ypur clealry jealous. Im actually not and its embarressing. How can i intelligantly say something back. She flicks her hair and walks away. I feel so small help please.

    1. You should totally ingore them. Hard. Like the i-will-ignore-you-so-hard-you-will-start-doubting- your-own-existence meme hard. When ever she tries to speak to you, you could turn and face her, and then pretend to be confused because you don’t see her, then shrug an keep walking
      on. if she tries getting your attention AGAIN, you can do the same thing you did before, and then ask a bystander something like this: “Hey, did you hear something? Like, a high pitched squeal?” That will REALLY get her goat!

      Hoping it helps, A Friend

  2. Just ignore them. Everyone uses calling someone jealous because they’ll always win in the end if you try pleading your case. Their main goal when they call you jealous is to piss you off, so just be happy and smile and remember that words are just words and who cares what they think.

  3. I feel like my best friend is always mad at my accomplishments. She always feels the need to add on like “Dosen’t sound cool, but ok.” Is that a sign of jealousy, and should I confront her?

    1. Hell yes, You need to confront her, you cant be living with this jealous person. I actually had the same type of bestfriend, but its not a bestfriend if they are jealous of you. A bestfriend is proud of what you do.

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